Before Booking

As much as we would love to Contour every body, there may be some clients that these treatments are not beneficent for.

We have procedures in place to ensure client safety and comfort.

Treatments only to be performed on a healthy patient in good physical condition.

If you have any of the below, unfortunately we will be unable to treat you.

18 years and over
16+ with parent/guardian consent




-All sale prices are final, deposits paid for ANY sale or promotional prices are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE
-Cancellations within 72 hours of booking will VOID deposit
- If you wish to reschedule your appointment, must be prior to 72 hours of your scheduled booking



​         Heart rhythm disturbance, obtain client GP clearance letter

  • Cosmeceutical retinol (Vitamin A) within the last 3 days (in the treatment area)

  • Topical prescription retinol within the last 2 weeks (in the treatment area)

  • Pacemaker, defibrillator or electronically implanted device

  • Metal pins/plates (in the treatment area)

  • Sunburn

  • Isotretinoin within the last 6 months (e.g. Roaccutane, Oratane)

  • Eczema or Psoriasis (in the treatment area)

  • Laser or IPL hair reduction, waxing within 1-3 days (in the treatment area)

  • Pregnant, breast-feeding, IVF treatment or trying to conceive

  • Auto-immune disease

  • Blood clotting disorder

  • Diabetes

  • Inflamed rosacea or profuse redness

  • Fungal dermatitis

  • Active cold sore on the area to be treated

  • Chemical or radiation therapy

  • Treatment of breast tissue

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment within the last 48 hours on area to be treated

  • Dermal fillers within the last 4 weeks on area to be treated

  • Chronic conditions, Epilepsy, multiple sclerosis

  • Active infections/virus (herpes) or inflammation on treatment area

  • Certain antibiotics can cause sensitivity to light

  • Do not use handpiece on piecing’s or metallic elements.

  • Always apply on healthy, intact skin

  • Do not treat largely scarred area (including caesarean)